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What you need to know about Storm Damage in Columbia SC

Posted: 9 Dec, 2014 by:

Before you contact a home restoration company, there are some important things you need to know. Learn the facts about storm damage in Columbia, SC.  One good place to start assessing things is to categorize the damage. “Storm damage” encompasses a lot of different kinds of damage, all of which require a different approach.  Water damage is usually a factor in storms. There the goal is to wring it out and sort it out and sometimes throw it out with a variety of techniques and equipment.  Right on the heels of that same water damage can be mold growth. Removing it can look easy—just scrape it off, many will think. But if the goal is to remove it so it won’t grow back, and to get back to a surface that can be pained without showing stains, it’s a little more complicated.  Another type of storm damage in Columbia, SC, is structural. This can be caused by water, of course, but also by falling trees and other debris that can be hurled around in high wind storms.  When storm damage hits home in Columbia, SC, assessing how much damage you are facing can be more easily done by thinking along these types outlined here: water drying, mold removal, and structural damage.  Need a hand assessing the size of what you are confronting? Give us a call; we’ll be right over.

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