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What to Do When Your Basement Floods in SC

Posted: 22 Jan, 2016 by:

After the year we’ve had in South Carolina, basement flooding is a sore subject. So accept our apologies, please, but with spring rains coming, it’s all the more reason to revisit how to prevent and mitigate basement floods in SC.

Keep your eyes open. Are there cracks in your foundation? Are windows broken or badly insulated? Get professional help. Also make sure your gutters are clean, with runoff points far from the building. If puddles form at runoff points, your soil is probably saturated. Consult a landscaper or plumber to help with drainage.

Guard your foundation. Protecting your foundation from seepage or floods depends on the water threat, your location, and the age of your home. Many concrete waterproofing methods are available, but consult a qualified concrete, foundation, or waterproofing contractor before proceeding.

If a flood has occurred, don’t enter the basement until the electricity has been shut off and you’re sure that no open circuits are in the area. Don’t touch any electrical equipment while standing in water. Remove excess water with buckets or a wet vac where possible. Call your insurance company and call us to learn more about water damage restoration.

Repairing your flood-damaged basement requires professional help. Even minor floods can cause serious mold issues, which threaten your health, the building’s value, and its architectural integrity. After salvaging property and repairing the fabric, a disaster recovery specialist will make sure there’s no mold damage.

If you have a flood-damaged basement in South Carolina, Catastrophe Services will restore it to its previous condition, or better. Give us a call at 803-788-1800. It’s our business to help you get your life back.

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