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Water Damage Repair Tips

Posted: 9 Dec, 2014 by:

What’s the most important tip you can use when needing water damage repair in Greenville, SC—or anywhere? It’s simple: take 5 minutes and resist the urge to plunge in—yes, we know there is debris everywhere; we’ve been where you are at many times, or where you might find yourself one day, if you are reading this in preparation. Take the five minutes and do two rough calculations: how much will it cost me to do it myself, or if in a business, with my employees? The second question is, if you’re in a business, how much opportunity will I lose by focusing on damage repair instead of letting professionals do it?

We think of our job as not just water damage repair but as helping the customer put the mess behind them so they can get on with their business, their life, whatever they should be focusing on or enjoying, just as it was before the calamity happened.  Of course, you can do a great deal yourself—and we can supply equipment to help. But to get back on track, the first tip is to consider using professional muscle power behind the project, to get it over and done with fast.  But there also is a lot you can do to help, even if you rely on us. Think safety first—switch off the circuit breaker(s) in the area. Don’t use electrical equipment that’s designed to be in a dry place.  Make sure the source of the problem that’s causing the damage is blocked—a broken pipe, perhaps. If it’s not possible to stop the water coming in, call us quick.  Next, think about what you can save from damage or further damage. Time is critical; the longer things sit in water the worse it gets. Don’t trust your carpet. You might think it’s just damp, no big deal. But anything sitting on it like chair legs of furniture can wick up the water and get damaged. Move what furniture you can, put tarps under anything you can’t. And get inventive: try coasters under chair legs, or cups or anything that will create a barrier to the water in the carpet.  Soak up what you can—every wrung out towel helps get you just that much closer to dry.  Lastly, be ruthless. Toss what can’t be saved, quickly, to get it behind you emotionally. Make a record of what is lost for insurance purposes or other record keeping needs.  Homeowners who need water damage repair in Greenville, SC, can count on Catastrophe Services, Inc. CSI offers full service restoration and reconstruction throughout South Carolina and in parts of Georgia through our Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC and Augusta GA offices.

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