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Water Damage in Your Columbia, SC Home: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Posted: 22 Mar, 2016 by:

CSI is your water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair specialist in Columbia, SC. From burst pipes to storm or fire-related water damage, our specialists will help you get your life back.

The first step to restoring water damage is classifying it. When you call us for water damage repair, we’ll place your emergency in one of these categories:

1. Clean water. This is a fresh water supply line like in a kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t post a substantial risk to humans.

2. Gray water has light contamination. This includes sump pump failure, washing machine backups, etc.

3. Black water—sewage or floodwater—is a serious biohazard.

Make Catastrophe Services your first call for water damage repair in Columbia, throughout South Carolina, and in parts of Georgia.

Furniture stains and paper goods swell within minutes of flooding, and the damage quickly gets worse—so brings us in as soon as you can.

We’ll dry you out!

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