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Tips To Prevent Storm Damage in SC

Posted: 2 Mar, 2016 by:

It may feel like spring, but we’re not quite there yet.

Snow, ice, and damaging winter weather might not have the immediate impact of hurricanes, but winter can be just as damaging—so keep these tips in mind as we ride out the season.

Check your roof. Cold nights and warm days can push your roof to the breaking point. Replace buckled, broken, or missing shingles immediately, and make sure caulk is tight around chimneys, vents, skylights, etc. This is cheap and easy if you have experience working on roofs and the help to do it safely, but we recommend using a professional.

Manage your gutters. Are they clean? Do you have ice dams? (Large icicles often indicate dams.) There’s no substitute for getting up on a ladder to check, or having a professional do it for you. Watch for gutters that are leaky, dislodged, or improperly pitched, too. Downspouts should be extended 4-5 feet from the house.

Inspect the fabric. Look for cracks in foundations, driveways, window frames, and other places that get hammered by water. Unlike the problems above, they can wait to be fixed until warmer weather—but don’t forget!

Catastrophe Services is your partner for winter storm damage in South Carolina. When disaster strikes, we help you get your life back—but we prefer keeping it away entirely!

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