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Storm Damage Repair in South Carolina: Getting Started

Posted: 3 Aug, 2015 by:

As the storm approached, you did all you could to get ready.

You secured loose objects, turned off natural gas, and rehearsed a communication strategy. Your emergency kit helped keep your family safe, dry, and healthy while your home or business was in the storm’s path.  Now it’s time to assess the damage. Here’s a checklist on how to get started with storm damage repair in South Carolina:

Look closely. Are there fuel or gas leaks? Are pipes broken or foundations damaged? What about live wires? Leave the property immediately if you see any of these conditions.

Call the experts. An experienced disaster relief specialist will secure the scene quickly and safely, paying special attention to fire, air quality, and other hazards.

Help out. If the scene is safe, cover broken windows/torn roof coverings and clean drains as possible. Take damaged goods away—they may be combustible.

Catastrophe Services is one of South Carolina’s premier disaster relief specialists. As your neighbors, we understand what storm damage means to South Carolina, and it’s our mission to help you get your life back quickly and safely.  Storm damage repair is one of our specialties.  Take a look around the site for more on how we do it, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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