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South Carolina Storm Restoration Starts With a Good Emergency Kit

Posted: 3 Jun, 2015 by:

We’re not just your South Carolina storm damage repair specialists; we understand that restoration and reconstruction starts with your family. If you’re not safe and happy, nothing else matters. So this hurricane season, re-examine your emergency kit.

You do have one, right? Because with a storm on the horizon, packing the kids and pets in the car and heading for high ground doesn’t count as a plan. A few fresh, common sense supplies can make all the difference in your health and peace of mind, so read on for our tips on a strong emergency kit, adapted from the American Red Cross.

  • Cash
  • Vital documents: passports, birth certificates, Social Security cards, etc.
  • At least two battery-operated flashlights
  • A battery-operated radio tuned to your local news/weather station
  • One gallon of bottled water per day per adult. Try to budget for a week.
  • Canned goods, crackers, peanut butter, pet food, and other non-perishables
  • Clothing & blankets
  • Prescription drugs and other medicines
  • Sanitation: soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.
  • Basic tools: hammer, duct tape, screwdrivers, pliers, knife, etc.
  • Entertainment: books, cards, board games, etc.

Select two places for your family to meet if separated; one in or near your home, the other a landmark like a school or church. Make sure each family member knows your plan, and ask neighbors to help your kids and pets along if necessary.

Remember that after a storm phones, ATMs, internet, and other electronic resources often won’t work for days or weeks, so your emergency kit should be enough to sustain your family until you can return home or relief efforts begin.

Storm damage cleanup in South Carolina a long and often complicated process. We hope you don’t need your hurricane emergency kit, but if so make it strong enough to lean on while we help restore your property and reconstruct your life.

Got hurricane or other disaster restoration questions in South Carolina? Give us a call at 1 (800) 952-6106. We look forward to hearing from you.

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