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Simple Steps to Avoiding Fire Damage this Holiday Season

Posted: 29 Dec, 2014 by:

Columbia homeowners should think of safety first this holiday season. Review these easy and helpful tips from Catastrophe Services, Inc for avoiding fire damage repair in Coumbia this holiday.

Start with a state of mind. You hear the holiday fire tragedies every year. Someone left a wood stove unattended after stoking it too hot. Or electrical wires were left exposed and a fire starts. Or someone falls asleep smoking. And we feel a sense of sadness, perhaps incorrectly tinged with the self-confident sense that it just wouldn’t happen to me.

Being less confident could save your life. With 5 minutes of forethought you might be able to identify 5 or 10 things that could make the difference between life and death if a fire ever got started. Here are a few tips. How about extra smoke detectors? If you’re reaction is, “what do you mean ‘extra’, get out there quick and get some tonight!

If a fire did start, what’s your plan? Make sure you have one, everyone in the family knows it, and create a drill to practice. In a fire, there’s lots of distraction. By practicing a fire drill, you can eliminate a big one, the question, “What do I do now?” Consider asking your fire department for help in creating a drill.

Think about your wiring. Does it need inspecting? How about wires you can see—do you have any extension cords that have…more extension cords? That’s a hazard.

Do you heat with space heaters? Can they fall over? What happens if they do? They should be built to shut off immediately. If they don’t, replace them  Place some fire extinguishers near where fires might start, like the kitchen, the fireplace, etc. And replace extinguishers that are too old.

Holidays and candles go together. Set some simple rules: don’t leave a candle burning in a room alone. Keep them in candleholders, and the big squat ones on plates. And before you light one, answer this question: what are you doing with the match after it’s blown out? Make sure it’s really out by wetting it.

Be mindful of the odd tragedies that should never have happened as a way to keep your guard up. A few years ago, someone emptied a wood stove and left the bucket of ashes, with embers, close to the house. The house caught fire from wind blowing the embers and several family members who were asleep that night lost their lives in the fire.

The point is, if you keep asking, how can I prevent even unlikely fires from starting, you’ll have a safer holiday season.

It’s strange to say given that we are in the business of fire damage repair in Columbia, we are here for you, but we hope you never need to call us. Have a safe season.


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