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Recovering from Catastrophe in Columbia, South Carolina

Posted: 9 Jul, 2014 by:

Hugo, Gracie, Hazel. Did someone say hurricane? Tis the season, and Catastrophe Services, with offices in Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville, will be there for you—24/7. We hope you don’t get hit. But if you do, our job is to get you set right as fast as we can. One day, you’ll be able to tell stories about your experience. Our aim is to increase the likelihood that you’ll tell the part about the clean up with a smile on your face.

As Hurricane Arthur cruised by on Independence day, it’s tempting for south Carolinians to say, “Hurricanes, we don’t get hurricanes here.” But the truth is that they hit land fall in South Carolina on average once every 7 years. And these three monsters had winds of 125 to 160 miles an hour. 250,000 people were evacuated along the coast. And it isn’t only the coastal areas that get walloped, although they usually bear the brunt.

Take Hurricane Hugo that hit in 1989. The center moved far inland between Columbia and Sumter. 26 people died—just in our state—out of a total of 82 in the US. A week after Hugo hit, nearly 60,000 people were homeless because of 5,100 homes destroyed and 12,000 uninhabitable.

Nobody wants a hurricane. And it can be heart breaking to clean up after one. We’re here to work together.

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