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Recovering from Catastrophe in Columbia, South Carolina When the Tree Could Survive

Posted: 26 Jul, 2014 by:

If you’re looking to bounce back from disaster, we’re here to help, 24/7. But it’s often more than muscle power needed to clear debris. Sometimes you can get lucky, and a favored tree that’s heavily damaged is worth saving. Here are some tips to help:

First assess the damage—is the tree healthy besides the storm damage? You don’t want to rescue a rotting tree. Are 50% of a trees’ crown branches intact? This is the line that divides trees that could be worth saving from ones that are not.

Second, if the leaves are mostly gone, don’t reach for the fertilizer just yet. Give it some time to see if it starts to recover on its own.

Are major limbs broken? This will make recovery more difficult. Make sure any trimming or chainsaw work is done by qualified professionals.

Fourth, be on the look out for safety issues: look up and down for hanging wires, limbs, debris that might crash to the ground.

Whatever you do, don’t top the tree. This mistaken process is carried out to make the tree shorter and less prone to wind damage, but you cut off valuable growth in the process, often dealing it the final blow.

Lastly, make a (sometimes difficult) decision.

Need help? Give us a call. We can help decide what to remove and what to save.

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