Mold Damage Restoration

Mold has been around since the dawn of time. While mold is used in some form in everyday life for people (ex. Medicines, food). Some molds could possibly be harmful to people if found in abundance in confined indoor environments.

Mold generally appears in homes, buildings, etc. due to some form of uncontrolled moisture intrusion. The moisture source can come from leaks in the plumbing, hot water heaters, etc.

Due to the construction practices of the last 30 years, mold truly has found a home in peoples everyday lives. From the way the structures are designed to the materials used in the construction, mold is here to stay and we’re here to help our customers with mold removal and remediation in Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville , SC.

Another reason why mold has come to the forefront in current events is due to public awareness of health issues, media, legal suits brought up by attorneys & scientific research.

CSI’s knowledge of mold removal in structures on a daily basis is second to none. Each mold removal and restoration project is unique.  No two mold removal projects are the same.  Mold remediation is the term most used when dealing with mold removal and restoration.

In the last 2 years CSI has performed over 125 mold removal and mold remediation projects in South Carolina and Georgia.

Where To Start If you Feel you Have a Mold Problem

First if you feel that you have a mold problem in your house don’t “panic”. Bring in an expert to determine what type of problem you may or may not have. You always want to keep these steps in mind:

    1. If you have a moisture problem, have it corrected.
    2. A third party Indoor air quality person needs to be brought in for testing. You need to know what you have in your home, or business. This person will prepare a protocol or procedure, addressing where the fungal growth is & how much is present.
    3. A well experienced mold remediation contractor, like CSI, should be brought in to remove the fungal growth in the structure. Mold remediation will take place to return the structure to acceptable healthy indoor environmental conditions.
    4. Documented clearance testing is done to make sure the mold spore count has been reduced & healthy indoor environmental conditions have been returned to prior mold Intrusion.

NOTE: It is “highly” recommended that you use 2 different companies for the testing and remediation.

Do You Have Coverage

It is always helpful to know if your potential mold Loss is covered by Insurance. Mold remediation is an expensive and tedious process, and is not to be taken lightly. Find out from your insurance agent if you have coverage.

What Do I Do If I See Mold on my Wall?

Keep in mind if you think you see mold on the walls of your structure don’t disturb the area until you are sure of what it is. A developed mold Colony is the last thing you want to touch. If you try to wipe off the wall you will actually be spreading mold Spores throughout the area. mold likes to grow on Cellulose based materials, like sheetrock. If you see a patch of mold, it is just best to leave it alone until you have an expert determine what is growing.

What To Expect

Mold Remediation is a very careful process. CSI will come in and take all the necessary precautions. Full suited technicians are brought in with HEPA Air Scrubbers and will set up containment around the effected areas. The whole point of proper mold remediation is to remediate the effected areas while preventing further spread of mold spores throughout the remainder of the structure. Mold remediation is not an overnight process. It takes time to remove the fungal growth from the structure. Patience is very important throughout the process.


You want to make sure the mold removal and remediation company you use, like CSI, has the necessary credentials to do work on your Property. CSI has over 7 Certified Mold Remediators (CMR) on staff.

CMR– Certified mold Remediator
ASCR– The Association of Cleaning & Restoration
WLS– Water Loss Institute
IAQA– Indoor Air Quality Association
IICRC– Inst. of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration
Licensed General Contractor- Residential/Commercial

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