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If you take showers, you know what mold looks like: the gritty black stuff that collects between your bathroom tiles.

If you can’t see mold, though, it doesn’t mean it’s not there—or that you’re not in danger from it. Left unchecked, mold is more than ugly; it’s a danger to your home’s architectural integrity and your health.

Here are some tips on mold detection and mold remediation in Columbia, SC.

Odor. If you’ve been in a damp basement, then you’ve smelled mold. But mold growth that’s big enough to smell is already a serious problem. Consult a mold remediation specialist.

Sight. See a moldy patch? Don’t put off removing it, because it will spread.

Danger Signs. That tiny leak is more than an annoyance—it will draw mold. Sagging ceilings or bowed walls are strong mold warning signs, as is any area of your home that draws rain or condensation. A mold remediation specialist can help you stop mold in its tracks and reconfigure your home to guard against future growth.

Be Safe. Be proactive against mold: check pipe insulation, HVAC lines, gutters, and other potential leak areas at least once a year.

Stay Healthy. If you’re suddenly plagued by unexplained asthma, allergies, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, or other symptoms, see a doctor. These could be signs of mold infestation.

Catastrophe Services is your mold remediation specialist in Columbia and across South Carolina. Working with you and your insurance company, we help restore your property to its previous state—or better. If you have questions about mold remediation in South Carolina, give us a call at 800-952-6106.

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Whether it’s a broken pipe or storm runoff, dealing with a water damage basement cleanup is serious business.

Significant standing water calls for immediate professional help, of course; we’ve covered what to do in an emergency. But we want to emphasize that any flooding event carries the risk for mold that you can’t see. That’s why it’s important to consult your insurance company and a disaster restoration specialist.

During water damage basement cleanup in Columbia or elsewhere, Catastrophe Services will look for mold in out-of-reach places like inside walls, ceilings, and ductwork and underneath cabinets or sub-flooring. If we suspect mold, we’ll test air quality to gauge the severity of the problem and then later to ensure it’s been eradicated.

Again, mold can grow from even minor flooding events—and quickly become a serious structural and health threat. Keep mold at bay by consulting your insurance company and a disaster restoration specialist for water damage basement cleanup.

Got questions about water damage basement cleanup in Columbia or elsewhere in South Carolina? Give us a call. We’re happy to hear from you.

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There are a variety of components that can be directly attributed to high humidity in your home. Air with humidity levels as low as 50% can drastically reduce your comfort and also causes permanent damage to your house. Using a dehumidifier not only keeps your home fresh and clean, it also can promote wellness and protect your home’s integrity. If you’re considering dehumidifier rentals in Charleston, SC, here are some other benefits:

  1. Keeps Out Mold and Dust Mites

Mold and dust mites thrive on moisture. It may sound icky, but your home could be a haven for these two allergens. Using a dehumidifier can dry out the air and keep mold spores and dust mites at bay, resulting in less coughing and allergy attacks.

  1. Increased Air Quality

Humidity decreases air quality by allowing dirt, dust, mold, and other allergens to thrive. The higher the humidity is, the more likely an allergic reaction can be triggered by these pesky indoor pollutants.

  1. Damaging Your Home and Furniture

The interior of your home is constantly combating moisture. Humid air acts as a tipping point in the favor of mold, rot and fungus, and leaves your home vulnerable. Your flooring, cabinets, and wooden furnishings can all be damaged if you do not use a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers offer a plethora of benefits to any home owner or renter. They promote air quality and reduce your allergy attacks, while protecting your home. If you are in the market for dehumidifier rentals in Charleston, SC, keep these benefits in mind.

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Looking for mold remediation in Columbia, SC? Catastrophe Services has the experience it takes to remove mold from your home safely. But how do you know what to look for in a mold remediation company?

Mold has been around from the dawn of time—and so have we. Not quite, but we’ve been at this for over 30 years, and that’s one thing you want to check for. Make sure your company has experience. Chances are you’re looking for mold remediation in your home or place of business, places you care about deeply. It has to be done right.

One thing they’ll be clear on is the steps in the sequence. Removing mold isn’t the first one. It’s essential to address whatever the moisture source is that’s feeding the mold—mold won’t grow if things are tinder dry. Mold removal only makes sense after that’s done—so the problem doesn’t recur.

Your ideal company will be honest, clear, upfront and fast. Clarity comes from providing an accurate assessment of what your problem is and how it needs to be addressed. By upfront, we mean give you a quote so you know what you are getting into. And speed is essential. Mold is almost always a growing problem that needs to be nipped in the bud—or as soon as possible.

How do you know a company will be fast? Look at their body language. By that we mean notice the little things: do they answer the phone 24/7? Do they arrive on time? Do they offer an estimate that includes a timeline? Do people who have used them before say they are prompt? If you’re looking for mold remediation in Columbia SC—do they know where you are?

Finally, listen carefully for what they plan to do at the end of the process. Will they do clearance testing so they can demonstrate both to their own satisfaction and yours that the job has been completed properly? Actually—that was a trick question. The answer it is highly recommended to have the remediation and the testing done by two different companies.

How do we stack up? That’s a great question. For our answer, call us at 803-788-1800.

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Mold requires moisture to grow. But it can start quickly, just 24 to 48 hours after moisture appears, and grow fast, becoming a real health problem before you know it. To nip this in the bud, you can cure straightforward instances yourself—wipe it up and dry it out.
But sometimes its more complicated, and our professional services can help. First, how did the water get here? If it’s the result of leaks in the roof, plumbing problems or flooding, cleaning up can be a futile measure at best and a recurring nightmare at worst. We can help locate where the water is coming from if you have persistent mold.
Then you have to repair any areas that are either weakened by the water damage or unlikely to dry out in any timely manner. We can help identify and repair those as well.
Finally, you have two more steps: kill the mold and dry the area out really well. We are the experts on killing mold. In terms of drying, it’s so tempting to let nature take its course—won’t simple evaporation cure it all in the end? Maybe. But if you have a moldy basement, intervention is required. If you have a carpet that just won’t dry out for weeks, that means not only are the mold colonies growing in that time, but the floor under the carpet may be suffering irreparable damage.
Sometimes our most invaluable role is our simplest: we help you decide just when to cut your losses. When do you dry out that carpet vs replace it? Just how extensive do your plumbing or roof repairs need to be? It’s hard to bite the bullet without professional advice. On top of all our expertise, muscle power, equipment and experience, one thing we bring to the table is the experience of the customers who came before you. When you hear the stories of others who decided to do everything that was necessary to get rid of the mold once and for all, and you hear how they feel about it later, making the best choices can suddenly be easier.
Give us a call. We’ll help you clarify, make the easy and tough choices, and get this behind you as fast as possible.
Mold? Be bold.

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Mold removal in Greenville, South Carolina, and indeed anywhere, is both important and difficult. Catastrophe Services has the expertise and tools to get the job done.

The first tool you need is… a camera. That will allow you to record the damage in order to collect any insurance payment that may be due to cover it.

Test kits for mold can help tell precisely how big your problem is. A mold test kit can help identify the type of mold you are up against, and an air sample kit can identify how much mold there is.

Speed of response, as we note elsewhere, is crucial. For example, if drywall is left wet for more than a day, mold can start to grow inside it, requiring replacement to truly banish the mold.

Expert advice—from the company that handles this problem frequently—can respond the quickest. CSI brings its experience to bear when crafting a battle plan and jumping on the problem in order to get the best results.

And what a difference ridding a home or other building of mold can make, turning a structure that has been rendered useless by mold back into what it was designed for: your use.

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