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Posted: 29 Apr, 2016 by:

At Catastrophe Services, we’re your restoration specialists in Columbia, SC. When disaster strikes in Columbia, throughout South Carolina, or in the Augusta, GA, area, we’ll help restore your property – and your life – to its previous condition. But we’d rather you didn’t need us, so make sure you complete these essential maintenance tasks this… Read more »

Posted: 13 Apr, 2016 by:

March saw Severe Weather & Flood Safety Awareness Week in South Carolina. We don’t need to tell you why its lessons are so important this year. The commemoration has passed, but as summer approaches, take a moment to get reacquainted with severe weather and flood safety awareness in South Carolina. Get ready. Prepare an emergency… Read more »

Posted: 22 Mar, 2016 by:

CSI is your water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair specialist in Columbia, SC. From burst pipes to storm or fire-related water damage, our specialists will help you get your life back. The first step to restoring water damage is classifying it. When you call us for water damage repair, we’ll place your emergency in one… Read more »

Posted: 22 Mar, 2016 by:

The way to prevent fire damage in your Columbia, SC home? Prevent fires! And since warm weather isn’t consistently with us yet, the biggest fire threat comes from heating sources. Read on for tips on how to keep your home safe, adapted from the National Fire Protection Association. Be space heater smart. Put them on… Read more »

Posted: 2 Mar, 2016 by:

It may feel like spring, but we’re not quite there yet. Snow, ice, and damaging winter weather might not have the immediate impact of hurricanes, but winter can be just as damaging—so keep these tips in mind as we ride out the season. Check your roof. Cold nights and warm days can push your roof… Read more »

Posted: 20 Feb, 2016 by:

If you take showers, you know what mold looks like: the gritty black stuff that collects between your bathroom tiles. If you can’t see mold, though, it doesn’t mean it’s not there—or that you’re not in danger from it. Left unchecked, mold is more than ugly; it’s a danger to your home’s architectural integrity and… Read more »

Posted: 22 Jan, 2016 by:

After the year we’ve had in South Carolina, basement flooding is a sore subject. So accept our apologies, please, but with spring rains coming, it’s all the more reason to revisit how to prevent and mitigate basement floods in SC. Keep your eyes open. Are there cracks in your foundation? Are windows broken or badly… Read more »

Posted: 15 Jan, 2016 by:

We normally devote this space to practical, hands-on disaster preparation and response—things like emergency kits and flood warnings. But since storm damage repair is expensive, and South Carolina has rarely faced such severe weather as we did in 2015, we’re going to offer a few tips on saving money. Use windfalls wisely. Get a bonus… Read more »

Posted: 1 Jan, 2016 by:

You are used to us sharing tips on coping with major disasters like fires, floods, and hurricanes. But are you prepared for the most common weather event of all? Thunderstorms can cause catastrophic damage to life and property. Use these tips, adapted from the American Red Cross, to make sure you don’t become one of… Read more »

Posted: 1 Jan, 2016 by:

Just as South Carolina begins to heal from the historic floods of October 2015, more flooding has been reported upstate. On December 30 the South Carolina Highway Patrol reported flooding on many roads in Greenville, Cherokee, Greenwood, Spartanburg, and Laurens counties. A full list of affected roads is here. [LINK:] Avoid flooded roads, as… Read more »

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