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Are Your Storm Damage Plans Blowing in the Wind?

Posted: 21 Jun, 2014 by:

You already know that wind damage in Charleston or Columbia, South Carolina can be huge. At Catastrophe Services, we’re in the business of cleaning up. But here’s a secret to reducing the likelihood you’ll ever need us: prior preparation.

But what can you do against a windstorm that hasn’t even hit yet? Plenty, starting from the top, literally. Think about your roof first—can it handle high velocity winds? Don’t guess—have it inspected. An up close review can determine if the shingles are nailed down, whether the shingles actually meet building code. They can also inspect the connection between the roof and walls, and make sure all pipes, HVAC units, and skylights are properly secured.

Next check out the exterior walls. Cracks and holes can let wind get in and do damage. Make sure siding is tightly attached and windows are securely fit.

Double check your doors—they should be triple hinged and have a deadbolt for protection. Lastly, if you have overhead doors, make sure they are well-braced to withstand wind.

Sound like a lot of work? Not as much as calling us after a storm. Need some help preparing? Give us a call; we’d rather help sooner than later.

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