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April Showers Can Bring May Flowers—and Floods—to Your South Carolina Basement: The Secret to Springing Back

Posted: 11 Apr, 2014 by:

Winter may have been hard. But now spring has brought torrential rain—and can cause catastrophe—with flooding, damp basements and more.

Spring cleaning in South Carolina can be especially hard with a water damage basement cleanup.  First with water removal and then basement restoration could be more than you bargained for.

And as anyone who has been through this knows, it can be worse—sewage back ups, pipe breaks in hard to reach spots occurring at inconvenient times like the middle of the night… and more.

Check out Catastrophe Services with offices in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC and also Augusta, GA; they make the daunting water damage basement cleanup doable—drying out carpets, dealing with mold, pumping that basement dry, and renovating wood floor damage.  You may need round the clock service depending on the scope of the problem and when it happened. Quick response 24/7 can minimize the damage. Don’t add tears to your flood when Catastrophe Services can get you back to square one faster than you thought possible.

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