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March 2016

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CSI is your water damage cleanup, restoration, and repair specialist in Columbia, SC. From burst pipes to storm or fire-related water damage, our specialists will help you get your life back.

The first step to restoring water damage is classifying it. When you call us for water damage repair, we’ll place your emergency in one of these categories:

1. Clean water. This is a fresh water supply line like in a kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t post a substantial risk to humans.

2. Gray water has light contamination. This includes sump pump failure, washing machine backups, etc.

3. Black water—sewage or floodwater—is a serious biohazard.

Make Catastrophe Services your first call for water damage repair in Columbia, throughout South Carolina, and in parts of Georgia.

Furniture stains and paper goods swell within minutes of flooding, and the damage quickly gets worse—so brings us in as soon as you can.

We’ll dry you out!

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The way to prevent fire damage in your Columbia, SC home?

Prevent fires! And since warm weather isn’t consistently with us yet, the biggest fire threat comes from heating sources. Read on for tips on how to keep your home safe, adapted from the National Fire Protection Association.

Be space heater smart. Put them on a flat, uncarpeted floor. Use according to manufacturer instructions at the lowest comfortable setting, and keep anything flammable at least three feet away. Steer kids and pets clear, too. Turn heaters off when leaving the house or going to bed.

Learn to extinguish your fireplace. Water isn’t enough. Stir and flatten the embers, then dump ash on them. When the fire is low, douse it with baking soda or sand. Wait to ensure the fire is out, then use water if necessary. After several hours, scoop the ashes into a metal container and store in a safe place outside your home.

Never use your oven to keep warm. No further explanation needed. Just don’t. Using an oven to keep warm is extremely dangerous.

Test smoke alarms monthly. All it takes is standing on a chair and pressing the test button. Batteries low? Don’t wait to replace them!

Catastrophe Services is your partner for fire damage repair in Columbia, SC. But we’d rather you didn’t need us, so click above for more fire safety tips!

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It may feel like spring, but we’re not quite there yet.

Snow, ice, and damaging winter weather might not have the immediate impact of hurricanes, but winter can be just as damaging—so keep these tips in mind as we ride out the season.

Check your roof. Cold nights and warm days can push your roof to the breaking point. Replace buckled, broken, or missing shingles immediately, and make sure caulk is tight around chimneys, vents, skylights, etc. This is cheap and easy if you have experience working on roofs and the help to do it safely, but we recommend using a professional.

Manage your gutters. Are they clean? Do you have ice dams? (Large icicles often indicate dams.) There’s no substitute for getting up on a ladder to check, or having a professional do it for you. Watch for gutters that are leaky, dislodged, or improperly pitched, too. Downspouts should be extended 4-5 feet from the house.

Inspect the fabric. Look for cracks in foundations, driveways, window frames, and other places that get hammered by water. Unlike the problems above, they can wait to be fixed until warmer weather—but don’t forget!

Catastrophe Services is your partner for winter storm damage in South Carolina. When disaster strikes, we help you get your life back—but we prefer keeping it away entirely!

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