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September 2015

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Sewage backups are messy, unpleasant, and dangerous. Property damage aside, few catastrophes outside fire are such a direct threat to your health.

If you experience a sewage backup, keep these tips and facts in mind before contacting a South Carolina restoration professional:

  • Leave the building immediately. This goes for everyone, but is especially important for those who are under age 2 or over 60, pregnant, ill, recovering from surgery, on chemotherapy or prescription drugs, or HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Don’t attempt to clean up—the untrained will endanger themselves and others. Only restoration professionals should attempt sewage remediation.
  • Understand that absorbent sewage-saturated materials (bedding, carpet, upholstery, drywall, insulation, etc.) that can’t be washed in hot (130° F) water for at least 10 minutes must be contained as hazards and destroyed. Drying in place will compound the health risk.
  • See your doctor after sewage exposure to update your vaccinations, including Hepatitis B.

After sewage remediation make sure a third-party indoor environmental professional verifies that the building is safe to occupy.

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