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March 2015

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Suffering from the aftermath of a severe leak?   Whether it’s your roof, windows or basement that needs clean up and repair here’s what to do in case of water damage, including finding a dehumidifier rental in Charleston SC.

1. If it’s immediately after the pipes broke and the water has poured out, the first thing you should do is stop the water. Shut off the main water valve, the natural gas and electricity to help prevent anymore damage from occurring. If your carpet or flooring is wet, do not use any electrical appliances until all the water is gone in order to prevent electrocution. Make sure everyone in the house knows where the shut off valve and circuit breaker is for instances like these.

2. Afterwards, get the water out as quickly as you can and get your belongings to a dry location. Get up as much water as you can with a dehumidifier or by mopping or wiping with towels. Remove area rugs, wash your clothes, and strategically place fans to circulate the air and help everything dry. Fast and safe action will help prevent further damage, help you save more of your belongings and minimize time and cost of repairs.

3. Next, you should call your landlord or a plumber and file a claim as soon as possible. If you have renter’s insurance, document and photograph the damage to show to your landlord. Finally, we’d recommend renting a dehumidifier to help absorb the water and prevent any more damage. Water damage can be detrimental and costly, so it’s definitely worth finding a dehumidifier rental in Charleston, SC!


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You know spring has sprung in Charleston when… you have water damage in your basement that needs to be cleaned up, right? And if you don’t have water damage yet, here are some tips for getting your home ready for spring.

Start with doing all the things that direct water away from the house. The big one here is to clean the gutters and make sure everything is oriented to pushing water away from the house. One part of this is to inspect the house from the outside – look for roof and siding areas that need attention.

Schedule that maintenance. Need painting? Figure out everything from color to contractor. The summer can disappear fast – especially if you are booking people to work on the house. Call them now before their schedules get filled up.

Hack back those tree limbs that are too close to the house. Or get a professional to do the arbor work. Leaves that can fall on the roof can lead to build up and problems, not to mention serving as the perfect ladder for squirrels. Trees should be well back from the house.

Lastly, be prepared for water damage in your basement needing a cleanup if it does occur. That can mean calling us. We offer advice, equipment rentals, and trained personnel to get you back to the high and dry.

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