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January 2015

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A simple household leak can cause lasting and risky damage if not remediated correctly. Avoid this with a commercial dehumidifier rental in Charleston, SC.

Everybody gets soaked, gets their clothes wet, their pet wet, their kids wet. The solution is simple: wring them out and hang them to dry. Well, not the children or pets. But that simple solution can cloud our judgment when it comes to recovering from water damage in buildings. Just stop the leak or flood and wring them out, right?

It’s a little more complicated, and potentially a lot more complex, depending on the type of damage. Consider one dimension: time. It matters how long it takes for a structure to dry out. The faster the better, in terms of minimizing the damage. Water has weight. A lot of water can put pressure on a structure both by weight and because it often swells whatever it soaks. The longer that pressure remains, the weaker the structure can become. The longer something is wet, the more likely you are to have mold growing.

It can essentially become a race: how can you get a floor or building driest fastest? The worst answer is to wait it out. The best answer is to rent a commercial dehumidifier, or hire a professional to use one.

Then there is the question of what size dehumidifier you need. There are complex calculations involving relative humidity, what it is that needs drying out, etc. It’s best to talk to the folks at the commercial dehumidifier rental in Charleston, SC, or wherever you plan to rent from.

It’s easy to get educated quickly—which might be critical in certain situations. We’ll be glad to help assess what would work best.

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Don’t let a roof leak creep up on you. Prevent the need for costly water damage restoration in Columbia, SC by following these simple roof maintenance tips.

First, just the way a carpenter frames a house; you want to frame the value of inspecting your roof regularly. It’s human nature to ponder one’s roof, wonder, “How much is this going to cost me,” and put off inspecting it because we just don’t want to face the cost.

Try this. Ask: how much will my five minute visual inspection save me? The answer depends on what you find, but the faster you jump on a roof problem the less it will cost you. A visual inspection at least twice a year is a good idea. Do it before the rough weather season and right afterwards. Or, do it any time that’s convenient. Take pictures each time so you can note any changes.

A moisture check should also be done annually or biannually. There are various techniques but the idea is to test how well your roofing material holds up when water is present. This gives you added information on top of a visual inspection.

Completing simple chores like cleaning out gutters and trimming away branches can extend roof life. And doing close inspections at opportune times (like when the house is being painted or an HVAC system is being repaired) can also save money.

You might wonder why we are writing this. After all, we make our living in part when people wait too long and need water damage restoration here in Columbia, SC. And if you’re one of those people who needs that kind of help with their roof, call us—our experience, expertise and care stretch back decades.

But if your roof hasn’t reached that stage yet, now’s your chance to cut us out of the picture by being proactive. We have so much work as it is. The reason we’re suggesting you carry out an inspection now is that it’s just a neighborly thing to do to help people save money.

Go check it out; don’t be afraid to save money. And if you need some help with water damage restoration here in Columbia, SC and the surrounding area, we’re here.

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