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September 2014

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It’s astounding how many people believe they’ll never need to prepare or recover from a Hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina.  The average length between direct hits here is 10.9 years.  So, why worry?  It’s worth a little worry – and maybe a lot of prep – because with that kind of frequency, we know we will get hit again.  And the average length of time between indirect hits, which can still deliver a wallop, is less than 4 years.

Prepare for a Hurricane

Do we really need to worry, as long as we stay off the beach? It doesn’t matter if you worry; it only matters if you prepare.  We’ve been hit repeatedly since records started being kept—in 1752.  The average wind speed of a hurricane that hits Charleston directly is a sustained 94 miles an hour.  Not gusts, but sustained.  That’s enough to kill—and enough to inflict serious damage on your home.  There’s absolutely no excuse for doing some of the most effective prep that is also the easiest:  Stick our phone number in your wallet.  It’s 800-952-6106.

Create a Plan

Here’s a second easy step, and no, it’s not sandbagging the basement or taping the window.  (You don’t want tape the windows months in advance anyway. Ruins the view!)  That easy step is to create a plan where you and your family will meet in the event of a crisis like this.  Is it your home?  A family member’s place of work?  A church?  It’s vital that you have one so that, whatever comes next, it doesn’t involve hours of fruitless searching for those you love the most.  You might think, I’ll just call them.  That might or might not work depending on whether cell phone service is still working.  It is best to have a meeting plan.  Just those two things, having a meeting plan and having our number, can give you a path forward, even if there’s no time for other prep.

• September 17, 2014 • No comments yet

No that’s not a typo: we do get ice storms in South Carolina, as anyone who was around earlier this year can attest to that.  But, why bother preparing for these freak storms?  First, they may not be as infrequent as we’d like.  Perhaps we won’t see another one for years, but there is always a chance we could get another one this winter.  But, here’s the real reason why prepping for an unlikely ice storm in Charleston, South Carolina makes sense.  Those storms deliver a wide variety of damage—flooding, fire (from shorted power lines), and serious storm damage.  Prepare for an ice storm and you’re prepared for many different disasters.

Contact the Disaster Experts

One of the most important steps is the easiest. Grab our phone number, 800-952-6106 and keep it handy.  We’ll help you bounce back fast because that’s the only thing we do.  We get people back on top of the impossible. We’ve done flood, fire, storm, mold and everything in between. And, we’ve been helping people and business for decades.

Preventing Storm Damage

If you’ve looked at the damage done this spring and are saying, “never again,” there’s much more you can do.  First, inspect power lines to make sure they are not near trees, and arrange to have any trees that are too close cut back or cut down in advance.  The more likely you are to have power throughout the storm, the easier it is to mitigate other damage.  Second, buy some fire extinguishers so you can react quickly.  That expression about saving money for a rainy day has stuck with us for a reason: storm damage costs money, for repairs or and replacing anything that isn’t fully covered by insurance.  Spending a small amount of money now on a fire extinguisher could save you an incredible amount of money from fire damage in the future.

Play it Safe in a Storm

Most important, stay out of the storm when it hits, whatever the storm may be: severe thunder, ice, tornado, it doesn’t matter. Keep safe.  One last prep step for a storm in Charleston, South Carolina:  Put a smile on your face. If the storm never hits, it means you’ve over prepared.  But you get to sleep better at night.  We’re the company that hopes we never hear from you because you’re so well prepared.  But we’re also the company that has your back in the toughest of times. Don’t hesitate to call.

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