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August 2014

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People blow hot and cold on whether climate change is happening, but this much we can agree on: it’s been a tough winter. This year, spring cleaning is about a lot more than raking old leaves and planting our peas. From burst pipes to flooding and more, Catastrophe Services is having a busy season helping to clean up the mess and repair burst pipes and other damage.

For over 25 years we’ve been doing restoration work, water extraction, plumbing, you name it, to get properties back up to standard and put the smile back on owners’ faces.

Experience is crucial, along with a commitment to constantly improve what we do. We are a licensed EPA certified family business and the only restoration company in South Carolina to have a Certified Restorer (CR) and Water Loss Specialist (WLS) at every executive position.

A lot of our secret, beyond the years of know how, the latest equipment, and the drive to make it better, is getting the simple things right. Like being available 24/7—disasters rarely happen in the middle of sunny days, and they’re never cleaned up by 5 PM. So we are prepared to jump on any emergency at any time. Another secret—and this sounds so obvious once you hear it—is that we do it all, from fire to flooding, from wind damage to mold.

Contact us or call immediately at 800-052-6106, and our award-winning team can help you get out of the mess, get out of overwhelm, get back in control, and get back to where you need to be.

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Mold requires moisture to grow. But it can start quickly, just 24 to 48 hours after moisture appears, and grow fast, becoming a real health problem before you know it. To nip this in the bud, you can cure straightforward instances yourself—wipe it up and dry it out.
But sometimes its more complicated, and our professional services can help. First, how did the water get here? If it’s the result of leaks in the roof, plumbing problems or flooding, cleaning up can be a futile measure at best and a recurring nightmare at worst. We can help locate where the water is coming from if you have persistent mold.
Then you have to repair any areas that are either weakened by the water damage or unlikely to dry out in any timely manner. We can help identify and repair those as well.
Finally, you have two more steps: kill the mold and dry the area out really well. We are the experts on killing mold. In terms of drying, it’s so tempting to let nature take its course—won’t simple evaporation cure it all in the end? Maybe. But if you have a moldy basement, intervention is required. If you have a carpet that just won’t dry out for weeks, that means not only are the mold colonies growing in that time, but the floor under the carpet may be suffering irreparable damage.
Sometimes our most invaluable role is our simplest: we help you decide just when to cut your losses. When do you dry out that carpet vs replace it? Just how extensive do your plumbing or roof repairs need to be? It’s hard to bite the bullet without professional advice. On top of all our expertise, muscle power, equipment and experience, one thing we bring to the table is the experience of the customers who came before you. When you hear the stories of others who decided to do everything that was necessary to get rid of the mold once and for all, and you hear how they feel about it later, making the best choices can suddenly be easier.
Give us a call. We’ll help you clarify, make the easy and tough choices, and get this behind you as fast as possible.
Mold? Be bold.

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The trick with water damage is to see it as an event that continues to unfold after the flooding has stopped, after the water has been mopped up. By far the most damaging element in most water damage situations is procrastination. To win requires action sustained long after the mop up. Consider five factors of speed in flooding restoration. First is availability: you have to have a company that is ready to respond, that picks up the phone with a team at the ready, no matter when it rings. Second, the team you work with has to know what its doing. It has to conduct an assessment that builds on years of doing this and not get tricked into thinking, “If we remove the water we are done.” At CSI we bring over 25 years of experience to the table. Third, your team needs equipment. That can be everything from tiny kits for mold testing to large pumps for removing water. Dehumidifiers are often a must for a quick bounce back, for example. Another element is the ability to understand the crisis in context. Fourth is the water damage a result of putting out a fire or from natural flooding? The answer can determine several aspects of the course of action. Finally, maybe most importantly, you need an ally. You need a company you can trust that provides up front estimates, who is determined to use their expertise to put you in the driver’s seat, so you can make the best decisions fast. Can we squeeze one more in? Know who you’re going to call—before disaster strikes. When it hits, you don’t want to be reaching for the yellow pages but contacting people you already know you trust. We service the Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC & Augusta, GA metropolitan areas. Call now for expert help!

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