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May 2014

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Mold removal in Greenville, South Carolina, and indeed anywhere, is both important and difficult. Catastrophe Services has the expertise and tools to get the job done.

The first tool you need is… a camera. That will allow you to record the damage in order to collect any insurance payment that may be due to cover it.

Test kits for mold can help tell precisely how big your problem is. A mold test kit can help identify the type of mold you are up against, and an air sample kit can identify how much mold there is.

Speed of response, as we note elsewhere, is crucial. For example, if drywall is left wet for more than a day, mold can start to grow inside it, requiring replacement to truly banish the mold.

Expert advice—from the company that handles this problem frequently—can respond the quickest. CSI brings its experience to bear when crafting a battle plan and jumping on the problem in order to get the best results.

And what a difference ridding a home or other building of mold can make, turning a structure that has been rendered useless by mold back into what it was designed for: your use.

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Catastrophe Services is proud to announce expanded services to Greenville via its Mauldin office.

In a catastrophe, speed of response is critical. That principle has driven CSI to expand over its 25 years in business. Our mission is to serve clients as the leading force in recovery and restoration in South Carolina. Especially with water damage, the clock is ticking; the faster we get there, the faster we can minimize the damage—to materials, valuables and most importantly to the property’s structure.

Often a key factor in speed is the owner’s decision-making process. Valuable time can be lost just pondering the question: do I need expert help? The answer could well be no, and you’ll be fine with DIY. CSI can help you make that decision, making the rapid response even faster. And if DIY is the solution, CSI has the equipment for rental to make your work much more efficient. Whether it’s water extraction pumps or dehumidifiers or other disaster repair equipment, or our own expertise, we stand ready to back your decisions on how to bounce back fast.

Whether you need our help, we can make sure you make the right decision quickly.

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