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April 2014

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People blow hot and cold on whether climate change is happening, but this much we can agree on: it’s been a tough winter. This year, spring cleaning is about a lot more than raking old leaves and planting our peas. From burst pipes to flooding and more, Catastrophe Services is having a busy season helping to clean up the mess and repair burst pipes and other damage.

For over 25 years we’ve been doing restoration work, water extraction, plumbing, you name it, to get properties back up to standard and put the smile back on owners’ faces.

Experience is crucial, along with a commitment to constantly improve what we do. We are a licensed EPA certified family business and the only restoration company in South Carolina to have a Certified Restorer (CR) and Water Loss Specialist (WLS) at every executive position.

A lot of our secret, beyond the years of know how, the latest equipment, and the drive to make it better, is getting the simple things right. Like being available 24/7—disasters rarely happen in the middle of sunny days, and they’re never cleaned up by 5 PM. So we are prepared to jump on any emergency at any time. Another secret—and this sounds so obvious once you hear it—is that we do it all, from fire to flooding, from wind damage to mold.

Contact us or call immediately at 800-052-6106, and our award-winning team can help you get out of the mess, get out of overwhelm, get back in control, and get back to where you need to be.

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Winter may have been hard. But now spring has brought torrential rain—and can cause catastrophe—with flooding, damp basements and more.

Spring cleaning in South Carolina can be especially hard with a water damage basement cleanup.  First with water removal and then basement restoration could be more than you bargained for.

And as anyone who has been through this knows, it can be worse—sewage back ups, pipe breaks in hard to reach spots occurring at inconvenient times like the middle of the night… and more.

Check out Catastrophe Services with offices in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, SC and also Augusta, GA; they make the daunting water damage basement cleanup doable—drying out carpets, dealing with mold, pumping that basement dry, and renovating wood floor damage.  You may need round the clock service depending on the scope of the problem and when it happened. Quick response 24/7 can minimize the damage. Don’t add tears to your flood when Catastrophe Services can get you back to square one faster than you thought possible.

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Since 1989, Catastrophe Services Inc. has helped South Carolina bounce back from fire, smoke, flood, and other disasters. The temptation for many property owners used to be to just plunge in and start digging out. But CSI has changed that, bringing expertise to bear in assisting owners and tenants recover quickly.

Among CSI’s certifications is: Water Loss Specialist; Certified Mold Remediator; and CSI is an EPA Certified lead firm. A Better Business Bureau-accredited business, CSI is a winner of the Contractor Connection Excellence in Achievement Award, and is a certified restorer member of the National Institute of Disaster Restoration, receiving the highest possible honor for a contractor in the field of Reconstruction.

Catastrophe Services brings not just its expertise but also its speed to the job, recognizing that fast response day or night can be critical to averting further damage and to getting the customer’s world set right again.

25 years of service, commitment, and continuing education to improve catastrophe recovery have made the company what it is today.

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